Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Kissing of Hands

Back just in time to witness the 'Kissing of Hands' ritual at Buckingham Palace that signals the passing of King David (Cameron) and ushering in the reign of the Queen of May (Theresa).

And did I just hear her say, as part of her first introductory words to the nation, that social justice means that if you are black you should not be treated more harshly by the criminal justice system’? Wow. Really? Let’s see how she intends to tackle that one. Wonder whether the Black Lives Matter solidarity marches in London last week had an effect. 

The psychodrama in British politics played out in full view of the whole world since June 24th has been captivating. That was the day when the nation tried to absorb the shock that Britain had said NO to the divine right of bureaucrats in Brussels. It decapitated one Prime Minister and demolished Her Majesty’s Opposition, a humpty dumpty in a fateful struggle to survive.

I voted reluctantly with REMAINERS; my heart was simply not in it. Nevertheless I was shocked at the final result but not terribly surprised. It came about through an unholy alliance between the Tory Right and the working class communities up and down the country who mostly voted Labour. It resulted in an outbreak of xenophobic and racist outpouring.

The two aspects of the OUT vote ‘want their country back’ whatever that means.  As the child of economic migrants who came to this country by invitation over 50 years ago to help the country get back on its feet in the post war era, and also to do the ‘shit’ work that Whites didn’t want to do, is this my country too? Apparently not to some.

The LEAVERS want their country back because there are too many immigrants here and no end to their arrival. The homeland has become an alien place. They believe a NO vote meant all immigrants should return from whence they came immediately with (for some unknown reason) the Poles first in line, followed by everyone else. The more clued up believe there will be an immediate cessation of new arrivals. 

That is the first Big Con that the well-to-do Tory Right has played on the working classes whom they urged to take back control (of their country). The former know well that full access to the European single market requires freedom of movement; that Eastern Europeans and others including high skill workers are essential to the British economy.  Indigenous Brits still do not want to do the soulless jobs in the few factories that remain and backbreaking agricultural work.

So, we live in interesting times and the fallout from BREXIT is about to begin in earnest. I wonder how long the Queen of May will sit on her throne.