Friday, 26 April 2013

When an Immoveable Object meets an Irresistible Force

What is self healing? The answer is whatever works for you. And it’s highly unlikely to work for anyone else because one's genetic inheritance is unique. I know what makes my body respond and react in a certain ways, and all I can do is to trust my own experience.

     In the middle of 2008 the explosive results of a 24-hour blood pressure diagnostic test was the most serious indicator that I was on the point of some major health catastrophe. After that I began to focus my attention on supporting the fighting force within my own body for a ferocious battle for my health. Fasting and meditation has been two major weapons in that fight.

     An image projected by the right brain in meditative silence as well as messages in dreams had long since told me what was going on in my body: my entire central nervous system – diagrammatically depicted as a tree – was inflamed; dangerously ‘morbid’ blood pressure readings was simply an outward symptom.

     After a while the ‘stuff’ that clogged and narrowed my arteries – the component parts of atherosclerosis – which had brought my heart to bursting point, began to make its way out. It was terrifying. What looked like a glutinous substance, which hardened on exposure to the air, eventually began to push its way out of my body via my fingers, palms of my hand and the soles of my feet. It was beyond extreme, but then this entire journey has been predicated on my ability to endure extreme conditions and simply accept that my body’s knowledge about its healing process was far superior to mine and that of medical science.

Dried glutenous substance

My GP said it was inflammation and prescribed a steroid cream, exactly what I expected. I nodded and smiled; I knew it would turn my entire system upside down and cause extreme distress. The cream itself contained liquid paraffin and citric acid plus a number of other unpronounceable ingredients. It is supposed to reduce and help to relieve the symptoms of inflammatory skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Afflicted fingers and hands
 The accompanying leaflet touched briefly on ‘possible side effects’. What it did not say was that the contents of the preparation will be absorbed into the system and can have side-effects that affect parts of the body other than the skin. If it is used for a long time, these side-effects are more likely to occur, including the worsening of the problem that it is being used to treat!

Needless to say, I would not be subjecting my body to that. Long ago I had discovered that fasting allowed my body to off load what was “not me”, at a faster pace than usual. My only problem was summoning up the discipline to enable the release.

Additionally the monks taught that, if you had ears to hear and the wit to understand what was actually being said, in sustained meditative silence the body’s cellular memories held in the deep unconscious float to the surface as pain and symptoms. You were invited to observe them without aversion or craving, thus allowing release. I still have some way to go; fasting in meditative silence is still the order of the day. The "stuff" took decades to colonise my body; it will take a good while to disperse, but I’m on it however long it takes. If my spirit is the irresistible force, then there cannot be an immoveable object.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Boston: In Solidarity

On this glorious, warm and sunny Spring day in London I did something that I have never done in my life. I joined the crowd of upbeat and buoyant participants, supporters and spectators out on the Highway part of the route of the London marathon, between Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf.

London  Marathon 2013
It was my way of showing solidarity with all those innocent people in Boston whose lives have been dramatically changed by the horrendous events at their marathon event. It was bad enough dealing with some of the fall out from London’s own “7/7” but it is simply inconceivable my family and I should have to live through that kind of terror literally in our own backyard.

Also sad is the complete scuppering by the conservative right, supported by some Democrats, even of Obama’s watered down attempt to bring a semblance of gun control to America. The very modest proposal to simply expand background checks was rejected. To my mind the Legislature would be more likely to put restrictions on the sale of pressure cookers, rather than guns.

In a blog last year (When a President Cries, 16 December 2012) I predicted this outcome.  At the time I said:
“Perhaps Obama will take on political opposition as well as the extremely powerful gun lobby. He can try. Don’t think he has any chance of success during the final period of his Presidency. Not sure that Americans are yet ready to relinquish their ‘right to bear arms”.

But times there are a-changing. Some American states have embraced same-sex civil marriage, marijuana legalisation, and even more startling of all the country elected an African-American President. Hopefully at some point in the not too distant future,  America will lose it attachment to high capacity assault weapons.

Last week also saw the end of this period of a healing fast, but more about that another time.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Secret Life of Cells

Several posts ago (On a Healing Mission) I spoke of putting myself through a crash course in anatomy and physiology to get better acquainted with the structure of the human body as part of a healing quest. As a result I became fascinated with how the body functions and particularly the endocrine and immune systems, critical agencies in supporting and maintaining good health. I assigned roles to various cell blocks of the immune system, beyond that given by biologists, and drew parallels with national state security agencies such as MI6, CIA and Mossad.

            Thus far medical science has identified three cell-types: the killers or the elite special forces in the team, whose specialty is to identify and destroy viruses and foreign tissue; the helpers assist their comrades in going after highly specific targets – they are the counter intelligence gang. Finally, there are the suppressors, who serve a regulatory function, ensuring that the immune system does not go wild and attack itself, as well as attacking the ‘not-self’ parasites such as cancerous tumour and other foreign invaders.  These are the police, border patrol and psychiatrists in the system!
Like the planetary ecosystem, the human immune system is also a network of interdependent structures and processes that work together to protect the body. Our immune system is an amazingly complex, elaborate and dynamic communications network. It consists of millions and millions of cells, organized into sets and subsets. Like an army of worker ants in a hive they pass information back and forth in response to received information, such as an approaching invader of some kind.
Cells in the human body
            Our B-cells and T-cells function to both trigger and enable immune responses in support of our wellbeing, and to kill latent infections and tumours before they can develop into full blown diseases. Once immune cells receive the alarm, they become activated and begin to produce powerful chemicals. These substances allow the cells to regulate their own growth and behaviour, enlist other immune cells, and direct the new recruits to trouble spots.

            This vast variety of cells uses pathways in the lymphatic and circulatory systems to transport immune response cells around our body. They attack, disable and kill foreign and destructive invaders – bacterial and parasitic microbes, fungus and viral infections – in order to keep us healthy. 

              As I gave time and  attention to my physical well-being, I acquired a greater awareness of why the body, like society, develops 'rogue' or 'terrorist' cells, can get blindsided, attack itself and generally generate havoc. With symbolic sight, we can discern a direct parallel with what stops the systemic breakdown and collapse of society when it is attacked by dark malevolent forces intent on undermining it, and the immune system’s determination to protect our bodies.

  Just as any nation state needs a strong defence force, so the body's immune system needs to be empowered to remain vital. However, over-medication, high levels of stress, and consuming excessive amounts of junk food suppress the immune system. On occasion it becomes blind to the enemy within, such as cancer cells and the stealthy pile up of the arsenal of those ‘silent killer’ diseases, allowing them to flourish and replenish, and eventually bring down the whole edifice’.

 Regular fasting gives the body time off from tackling the onerous task of digesting, absorbing and eliminating waste following the consumption of vast quantities of junk and pathogen inducing foodstuff that we are partial to in the Western world. Unfortunately this is too often responsible for triggering the onset of diseased, 'not-me' parasitic growth in the body. Fasting also gives the body an opportunity to cleanse toxicity, tackle anti-bodies and clear out the dead.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Body Talk

This is Day 11 of a healing fast; it is over four years since I last did one. It has taken that time to summon up the required discipline, except that none has been needed because my body, mind and spirit seem to be in alignment with what needs to be done to complete a healing process.

My very first 20+ day fasts in 2008 and 2009 was water and herb tea only, real hard core. At the time this was the requirement to begin the process of divesting my body of what was causing it distress – an over heated system (a high degree of trapped C02) causing my blood to literally boil, and threatening to rapture my heart and fry my brain. Four allopathic drugs daily, including a beta-blocker was not going to help, in fact it would simply accentuate the condition, and stave off death for a time. No, I did not want any short-term measures. I wanted to hang around this planet for a bit longer. I needed to go hard core and radical.

I first got an inkling of what was going on in my body in 2006 while on, what was up to then, an annual 10-day meditation retreat. The 10-day event consists of total silence and anything from two to four hour ‘sitting’ sessions throughout the day from 0400 to about 2030. Breakfast is taken at 0630 and the last meal for the day is at 1130. 

It induces a profound (even magical) connectedness between body-mind and spirit. As far as possible I try to recreate that setting during a healing fast, while remaining aware that I am not in an exclusion zone in the depth of Herefordshire, and have to carry on with daily life. Nevertheless I exclude as much external noise and distraction as far as possible, generating the quality of silence required so I can 'hear' my body communicating its needs.

So far I have had no real craving to eat and none for chocolate, which is normally my downfall. Instead, on day 8 I introduced a litre of natural carrot juice, produced by my own juicer. Yesterday, day 10, I introduced my first and only meal for the day: a small bowl of very finely chopped raw spinach, cucumber and avocado because that is what the body says it wants.
The 'Almost Complete' Food

When I checked it out with the nutritionist it turns out that carrots and spinach are very rich in beta carotene, a powerful antioxidant that boosts the immune system and soaks up the pollutant known as free radicals which damage cells and start cancerous changes. Avocados are highly nutritious and is said to be an almost complete food. All three vegetables are good sources of potassium, an electrolyte (an element) essential for the body's growth and maintenance.

As my kinesiologist would say: ‘thank you body’. I’ll await your further instructions.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Death of a Neo-Con Icon

The death of Margaret Thatcher the standard bearer of the Neo-Cons (British neoconservatives - fundamentally opposed to the idea of social justice) has already generated so much media coverage, and will continue until that gun carriage procession next week.  Over the next few days I’ll have to turn to a book and 'On Demand' for respite. My neighbour says good riddance. Venerated or vilified, the iron lady cannot be ignored.

The lady's ideology had some unintended consequences in both directions. From my perspective closing the coal mines was a good move for climate change, although my stereotypical view of Maggie suggests it is probably the last cause she would have supported. The following CSpan video of her presentation to the UN in 1989 suggests I am woefully wrong) : Margaret Thatcher on Climate Change and Environment | Climate ...

But her approach to mining communities was ruthless and vindictive. She was neither concerned nor sympathetic about the plight of thousands of families left unemployed. She believed striking miners were simply using an opportunity to undermine democracy; they were the enemy within. 

I don’t think she thought through what impact her actions would have on the wider society. In that respect her leadership was irresponsible. She replaced Britain’s manufacturing base with financial services and we are all living with the consequences of that today. She knew how to demolish but not how to build.

The selling off of social housing, part of the post-war settlement between the State and its citizens, has turned into a chronic shortage of affordable housing today. Stopping the daily half pint of cow’s milk for school children generated widespread wrath and got her labelled ‘Thatcher Milk Snatcher’. As far as I am concerned the stuff that comes from modern day cows with all those added growth hormones, are unfit for consumption by small children; so that one was a good move from my personal perspective.

Going to war against The Falkland Islands earned her a landslide victory at the next election, but in the end her own Cabinet decided the country had had enough of the Iron Lady.  Ironically New Labour ended up following much of Mrs Thatcher’s neo-con manifesto. Oh well, such is the world of politics.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Exposing a Silent Killer

Here I am still holding the integrity of my fast on day five of the next stage in a healing mission. It has been remarkably unchallenging so far, I reckon because in blogging about it, I am tapping into the collective’s support. It’s like having my own personal twelve steps programme:

Hello, my name is Amari and I am self-healing; it is four days since I last eat food. I am fasting because in the absence of taking allopathic drugs to manage symptoms, I need to awaken my own body’s inner healer.  

At a very basic level fasting not only enables the body to release toxins it has accumulated over time, but also supports it to rejuvenate and rebalance. A prolonged fast literally redesigns the physiological furniture. After about the third day of a fast, through a process known as autolysis - self destruction of tissues - the body begins to digest and eliminate diseased, damaged, aged or dead cells. Unless we push it to the edge, like the earth the human body is a self-maintaining, self-sustaining entity

At the very beginning of my healing regime, my habitual 24-hour fast each week to give my body time to rest and recuperate changed dramatically. Given the symptomatic presentation of the arsenal of the silent killer disease which had invaded my body, fasting turned out to be an important tool in defeating it.

Following the discovery of the volatile and explosive nature of the blood my heart was fighting to pump through my body, on two occasions I instigated a 20-day juice and water fast to calm it down. This was a relatively comfortable thing to do, much to my surprise.
The resulting weight loss revealed the full arsenal of the silent killer stalking me, which was the purpose of the fast; even if all I knew at the time was that I needed to follow an inner prompt.

It was only then that my doctor was able to better understand the reason for my erratic and explosive blood pressure reading, and was able to diagnose that the level of atherosclerosis in my body had reached a chronic state, highly likely to result in a massive heart attack and/or stroke. I already knew that. At least a year before I had experienced a severe shooting pain coursing up my left arm. My doctor impressed upon me the importance of calling the emergency services if I began to have double vision and saw flashing lights.

I was unable to tell her I had it all under control. By then my dreams and the body itself had already revealed exactly what was going on, and what I had to do. And I trusted that more than I did the cure offered by medical science. Indeed what was being offered was little more than a temporary cessation of hostilities. But there was no way I was going to have that conversation with my medical practitioner; she was bound to call the men in white coats.

The UK’s National Health Service (Atherosclerosis - NHS Choices) indicates that the disease is the single biggest cause of death in the developed world, accounting for one in three of all deaths. Treatment for the condition comprise of lifestyle changes, medication and invasive surgery. This would be my approach too; but not via a medical model. My inner healer is a Master Physician. To tell the truth, I have enjoyed taking on the silent killer and unleashing my own team of agents, but they are agonists, not antagonists.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Science of Self-Healing

I am into day four of the next stage - postponed for too long - of a self-healing process. The dogs remained at bay yesterday; I am surprised, but then the time is right, so I expect my body to put few obstacles in the way of its own healing. 

At its current stage of evolution, the human body is an amazing piece of technological design – it has a kind of Vorsprung Durch Technik thing going on, which quantum physics is only now uncovering.

Those engaged with self-healing understand at a fundamental level that, in the words of Bruce Lipton, a world renowned cell biologist, “our lives is determined not by our genes but by our responses to the environmental signals that propel life”. Dr Lipton’s research, in uncovering the missing connections between biology, psychology and spirituality, has over-turned the Darwinian deterministic perspective.
But the self-healing route is not for the faint hearted, and definitely not for non-believers. It requires a particular mind set, where believing is seeing. As Lipton's books on his research findings and practical applications demonstrate, we become what we believe. Right now, except for the few ‘rogue’ practitioners, because that is how they are regarded, medical science is stuck in an old paradigm. At its most primitive level – reliant solely on destructive and invasive surgery and gallons of allopathic drugs, some akin to jet fuel – it can keep disease at bay for a time but really cannot heal. At a specific moment in time we are simply told, ‘there really is nothing more we can do for you’. That means all you can do is wait for death.

In my mailbox this morning was a newsletter from Hay House Publishing commending their latest publication: Practical Miracles – Choices that Heal and Build Resilience. The author shares the techniques she used to heal her own brain tumour. Quite frankly the language used in marketing the book would probably put most people off because it smacks of ‘new age quackery’.

The question is: is New Age ideas quackery? Quantum mechanics is suggesting that it might not be at all. Neuro-science and quantum theory are leading the way in providing the missing links between biomedicine and ‘energetic’ healing.

Having worked with a Master Kinesiologist over decades, I understood that the body speaks if you know how to listen and to hear, and can interpret its language: it speaks as pain and symptoms, and in feelings, in dreams and images. So when my doctor told me that I placed too much emphasis on the spiritual in terms of my healing needs, there was no response to make. It would require too much energy and I needed that energy to self-heal.

*See Lipton's The Biology of Belief

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A Politician in the Basement

In the early hours of the morning I was dreaming that Iain Duncan Smith, the British Secretary of State for Works and Pension was hiding out in my basement flat! What a joy. 

Duncan Smith or IDS as he’s known, is the lead person in bounty hunting benefit 'scroungers' and sending them to the workhouse. Don’t get me wrong, I am not condoning blatant fraudulent behaviour and in IDS’s place I would bounty hunt too. But when he punishes the guilty as well as the innocent, he loses my vote.

IDS gained notoriety a few days ago when, during a radio interview he was asked whether he could live on £53 (or approximately US$80 at today’s rate) per week. His response: he could if he had too.  Oh dear, who told him to say that?  As a politician he should have known better. Now of course there is a petition demanding that he does just that. Well IDS is nowhere to be found because he is hiding out in my basement.  At this point over 300,000 people, including me, had signed the petition on  

I’m more interested in what IDS is doing in my basement flat, which I do not have by the way. I don’t have to think long about the meaning of the dream. I know immediately what significance the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and basement has in my life because dreams are simply symbolic of what’s going on for the dreamer.

What’s going on for me is that I am not going to have enough to live on until I sort out my different bits of private pension plans and set up an annuity. I have been procrastinating about that for a very long time, and the dream is reminding me that I promised myself that would be a task during this fasting period. The basement of course is where one dumps things.  Okay, okay, I say to the gods, I hear you and I have not forgotten; I still have another seven days to go.

Today, I’ve arrived at day three of my fast. By now my bloodstream should be carrying up to ten times its normal load of toxins. I should feel weak, fatigued, light-headed and perhaps nauseous; that’s the price to pay for serious detoxification. But I’m not feeling any of those things because the less toxic your system becomes, the easier it is to maintain a fast, as long as there is a mindset in place.

In the last five years, I have been through major detoxification processes in a bid to force my body to consume its diseased cells and generate brand new ones. It has taken determination and a power of will that I did not know that I had. Since then, for the last couple of years, a one-day fast per week has been a way of life, but I’ve found it impossible to return to that hardcore fasting – just distilled water and herbal tea for 10 days – even though I know why I have to do it and the benefits that will ensue. But I’m on it now.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Mind Over Matter

Another bright sunny day on a wintry landscape in London, even after 6 p.m in the early evening; lovely.

This is the second day of fasting and I am quite surprised how easy it has been so far - no pangs, no cravings. In fact I feel quite full. It must be all the currents of positive energy I’ve received since my Procrastination post (29 March). Still, I expect the dogs will be unleashed tomorrow, on the third day – jumping out of the plane day.

I am eternally fascinated by how extraordinarily important the mind is in the execution of everything.  Just think about it: we cannot do anything unless we ‘call to mind’ that we have to do this thing; in order to create something we have to invoke imagination but crucially we need to focus the mind.  It is that focusing of the mind that has enabled me to heal my body. If I have a fear in life it is that of losing my mind because then my soul will be left floundering in an abyss and I might as well be dead.

My doctor once told me that, contrary to the vast majority of her patients who focused purely on the physical, I paid too much attention to the spiritual and she thought that was not necessarily a good thing in terms of my healing needs. Well, that stopped me in my tracks because I realised that she understood more about me than I had given her credit for.

Yesterday I had an opportunity to talk to a family member in a way we had not done for a very long time; a long truthful, mutually affirming conversation. She told that she had always viewed me as someone ahead of my time. I was interested that she used weapons as a metaphor to demonstrate her meaning. She said that while everyone else was taking the whole day to pull one of those heavy canons up the hill, I had already reached the top and had my laser gun trained on the target. When discussing this view of me with a friend of hers, he commented that the future would be even less primitive; it would be about using the mind.

One of the books on my shelf is Concentration and Meditation: A Manual of Mind Development by Christmas Humphreys - what a fabulous name! Humphreys was a British high court judge and Buddhist, who authored a number of books on Mahayana Buddhism and founded the London Buddhist Society. Everyday I give thanks to those old Buddhist monks who thought me how to use my mind to heal my body. Medical Science is only now exploring meditation as a tool for generating health.

There is so much more to say about all of this, but right now my body is coming under stress from the barrage of waves directed at it by the electronic gadgetry that I am using, so I’m signing off for today.

Monday, 1 April 2013

On a Healing Mission

It’s been a bright sunny day but there's a biting wind down here in the valley - a very wintry Spring which suits me just fine, keeps my personal global warming at manageable levels.

It’s also Fool’s day, an appropriate time to begin observing the society within – my own personal medical team, about to begin the attack on the remnants of the pathogen that built up and began to attack my body all those years ago.

Approximately five years ago, I put myself through a home-based crash course in anatomy and physiology. I was determined to avoid allopathic drugs at all costs and to gain a better understanding of how my body worked in order to get some insights into what the heck was causing my blood pressure to behave in an overtly psychotic manner, something which even my doctor said she had never encountered in all her medical experience.

I acquainted myself with the structure of the human body, and delved into the workings of its major functional systems, particularly digestive, circulatory, and nervous systems. In the past there was never any reason to pay attention to my physiology and anatomy; suddenly it was vital knowledge for the process of healing. 

I became fascinated with the endocrine systems, the body’s stress absorber, and the network of glands that produce hormonal substances. This aspect of our physiology, together with the immune system, is the major channel of communication with the central nervous system.  As significant parts of the body-mind axis, they regulate the internal environment and keep the body working at optimal capacity.

The whole organisational matrix simply goes haywire when there is a break down in communication along the body-mind axis; the collateral damage that ensues often means death. But generally the CIA, MI6, and Mossad cannot hope to compete with the ‘safeguarding’ skills and ‘homeland’ security prowess of the endocrine and immune systems.  As I thought about and understood what went on in my body in those terms, I became an agent armed with a laser gun - my own mind - which should actually be as seen a tool at our disposal, lethal if necessary.

Over these next ten days, my mind and I are going on a mission. I have not yet jumped out of the plane behind enemy lines; that will come on day three!

Can you imagine if I spoke to my doctor in those terms, she would definitely consider having me certified, I would.