TRUMP: A Tale for the Modern Era

In a matter of hours the Dark Lord will take his place up on the Hill of the Shining City in a region of the world known in bygone days as Amei.  

As the final hours approach for the Seat of Power to passed to the next incumbant, a mournful sound emits from around the various regions of the world.  For it is he, bombast of thin skin, inept and vengeful who controls the trigger for attack command.

The self-absorbed Donjon became, inexplicably, the people's champion. For too many reasons, too many were angry; burial of the days of Camelot, of Authenticity, Integrity and Decency represent a backlash against the old established order.  

A trickle of regret for that act of self-annihilation has already set in but insufficient to give Donjon and his legions any major cause for concern. What little protest there may be can easily be contained, assuaged or ignored.

For now supporters of the new holder of office are gratified by his expressed intention to wall-in perceived enemies at the border; to oust from within all illegal aliens; to create jobs, cut taxes and make Amei great again. The latter is a really smart thing to say to a typical supporter of the Don because it is a coded message that promises everything, perhaps even a return to slavery. For everyone else it is meaningless and simply absurd.

The Don was the cuckoo that cannily took up residence in the nest belonging to the Brotherhood of GOWP and eventually devoured all their legitimate chicksHungry for power, the Brotherhood held its collective nose and endorses the Dark Lord. They went on to vanquish the Guardians of Demos, although it is said that foreign agent provocateurs effectively sabotaged the battle in favour of the Don.

The peoples of the world watched in disbelief then trepidation, and for some horror, as the Don triumphed against all comers in the battle to secure not only the Seat of Power, but the entire apparatus of State – legislative, executive and judiciary – that regulated the land. That is significant power.

He has aggravated relations with the leaders of Europa who are dismayed by his condoning of, and congratulatory stance towards Britania's stated intention to secede, already a major cause of contention.  He is willing to jeopardise bilateral relations with the ancient civilization of Xia, another cause of dismay.   

As many scramble to appease and pay homage to the Don, he basks in their sycophancy.  Some mutter darkly in their beards; and yet others indulge in what  the Don hates most: satire.

Below the Don's lair the many tribes of the region are diverse. But in the lead up to his accession the Dark Lord selected a very specific tribe, one with which he most closely identifies, to spearhead his reign. They carry an air of entitlement, are mainly rich and powerful, indulge in scorched earth policies and regard themselves as the original and rightful rulers of Amei. They believe their position has been usurped: the pendulum is about to be vigorously and violently pushed. 

In time this will unleash another backlash, a major one in all probability, but not yet.

Sqawk at be-twitching hour
Leaders of the regions beyond Amei's horizons hold their breath in anxious expectation of an impending era of doom. They are intimidated and abashed as the Don's deranged pet sqawk emerge during be-twitching hours to lambast, harangue, demean and bait all and sundry. 

Those in an informal apparatus of state, sometimes known as the Fourth Estate, chase after each sqawk appearance which then informs the day’s news cycle. In many instances Sqawk generates either incredulity or immense mirth, after which hiw owner will prevaricate or back-pedal. 
A level of chaos and murkiness from the Don's past lives, his achilles heel, dog his footsteps.  Additionally, some should warn him against targetting that long-established and often effective, if tainted, shield that has responsibility for protecting him. That would be very foolish.

Still to fully emerge is the rise of a powerful group able and willing to stand up, speak up and take to the pen.  They oppose the Don and were previously lulled into a false sense of easement by the complacency of the liberal elites.

Globally the liberal elites had paid scant attention to how deeply the world had been reshaped by the globalization of finance and employment, by de-industrialization and technological advance to the detriment of a vast swathe of their citizens.  They believed that a high tide raised all boats. But what about those boats that were already holed beneath the water line? This in part was responsible for the eclipse of the Guardians of Demos.

Almost but not quite without their volition, the tribes of the various regions of the world have taken a step closer to a major tipping point fueled by different occurrences influencing and reshaping how we live.


The adjective 'dark' is used to describe this President Elect because he embodies and mirrors something dark not only in the American but also in the global psyche. And so the stage is set for a tumultuous period in human history, at least it will be a defining or redefining time.

May it be relatively short-lived.


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