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Working with Archetypes:Q&A

"Leaving home” means stepping out of your comfort zone and following a long held dream such as starting your own business or community enterprise. Alternatively, like me, you may simply wish to spend time in the desert, talking to scorpions with Lench Archuleta, wise sage of the Yaqi Nation. Would you be surprised to know that four key archetypes play a significant role in our ability and willingness to make that journey?
                               ARCHETYPES AND SELF KNOWLEDGE This one-day seminar is the next step in discovering more about your true self. It will take your understanding of how you operate in the world, to a deeper level. You will:
•Uncover more about how your specific patterns of behaviour influence, inspire and yes, even dictate your life. •Gain greater insight into your responses to yourself, others and in the world
What exactly is an archetype? This is a typical or habitual pattern of behaviour that is replicated and …

The Symbolic Language of Dreams

Following my ‘caring for Margaret Thatcher’ dream, and a friend recounting her ‘one~eyed cat’ dream, I find myself returning to the world of dreams, ‘the highway to the soul’ according to Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. Dreams speak healing or guiding truths through universal (or archetypal) images.
A dream is that extraordinary place where two worlds meet – conscious and unconscious; where all that is in us but unknown to us is revealed. Desirous of intimate relationship, the soul comes calling overflowing with love and healing and our dreams, perfect in their integrity, invite us to engage with its mysteries.
Like Rorschach (inkblots) tests, our dreams invite us to associate the images presented – animal, vegetable, mineral – to what we are currently thinking about, feeling and doing; and in relationship to those with whom we are currently interacting –physically, mentally and emotionally.
One of the two hemispheres of the brain is always dominant. The right brain is responsible for t…

Masculine and Feminine Power

After venturing on to the battlement of eagles and bears, bulldogs and roosters (see post Eagle and the Bear 14 Sept) and weapons of mass destruction – illustrative of aggressive ‘masculine power’, it’s time to return to a place where I feel more at home, the engagement with 'feminine or soul power’.
Just in case I want to dwell in that world too long, a world where we are bent on “controlling” outcomes, a dream alerts me to the fact that I have gone off track. I dreamt I had become a carer for Mrs Thatcher who had apparently awakened from the dead; I am sorely irritated by this! Apart from anything else, it tells me that it’s time to move away from a situation where I am engaging with and hanging out in a place that is about controlling outcomes. I have left that world far behind and to resurrect that part of me is not in my best interest.
‘Masculine’ and ‘Feminine’ power in the sense that I am using it here is less descriptive of gender~based behaviour and more concerned with a pa…

Eagle and the Bear

Can you imagine that those two old Cold War adversaries Eagle (or is it hawk) and Bear (recently morphed into a dove) are sitting down together right now to talk about peace in our time. What the hell is going on?
Thank goodness for Wallace, representing the Bulldogs; had it not been for his intervention, much of Damascus would have been reduced to rubble by now. Who is Wallace did you say? If you don’t know, then you’ll just have to use your powers of deduction and observation to work it out. Here’s a clue.

If Wallace's bruv, the boy David, had been in the hot seat and bolstered by his mate Tone, you can be sure we would be watching the fallout from this stage in the march towards achieving Tone’s stated intent to ‘remake the Middle East’. Thank god he was seen off the premises.
And what a ripple effect Wallace's stance has had. It will go down in history as his finest hour, even if the outcome was an unintended consequence. Even the leader of the Greens commented on the impac…

Archetypes and Self~Knowledge

In a couple of weeks I am embarking on a series of 2~hour ‘taster’ workshops hosted by Jasmine Street Creative Lab at The Granary, Ice House Quarter, Abbey Road, Barking.[1] As I put my mind to the content of the workshops I find myself alert for and responding to the rhythms of these ingrained patterns of behaviour as they communicate via people’s vocal chords.

A voice on the telephone speaks of the saboteur inherent in each of us. This person is on the verge of venturing out from a comfort zone into the big wide world to confront the unknown. She speaks of it in terms of ‘facing her fear’ ~ the saboteur. Most of us know this feeling, it creeps up in the context of daily activity – going for a job interview, the first date with someone new, your first public speaking experience. Anxiety and a level of fear grip the pit of your stomach.
I once asked someone how he felt at the point of standing up in the House of Lords for the first time to make his ‘maiden’ speech. A polished public spe…