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Dear Americans

What on earth has got into 45? He is unable to get your covert operators to carry the can for spying on his Tower so he turns his guns on ours? Not that I put it past either of them – what did Edward Snowdon reveal? It elicited an apology to the German Chancellor. I am not surprised that your leaders would spy on someone described as the most powerful woman in Europe. Hell, I would too.

British Intelligence acts like Royalty – never complain – never explain.  But on this occasion they came out in strong condemnation of 45’s ridiculous assertions.  It suggests extreme exasperation with what is deemed a load of old tosh coming straight out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – just what we have come to expect from this POTUS.But there is this interesting term - plausible deniability or something like that. Whatever happens I do hope 45 keeps  his current Press Spokesperson. Have not had such merriment in a long while.

Thing is though, 45 is a dab hand at getting everyone running around chasing …

International Womens Day: #BeBoldforChange