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In the Shadow of Your President

I'm struggling to come to terms with the reality of the 45th POTUS as 'leader of the free world'. It's scarier than I wish to admit. Is Western democracy really only half a step away from dictatorship?

I'm beginning to feel like Alice in Wonderland about it all. I have stepped into a room with the kind of distorted glass you find in fairgrounds that shows how you might become: horribly grotesque. 

As a community of Nation States are we not already there? 

How is Forty-five not the looking glass that magnifies who we have become? And suppose he was impeached what then? What are we left with afterwards?

Would we not continue to allow children all over the world to die from malnutrition and lack of clean drinking water; abandon them in petrifying war zones and even blow them up when they try to escape. Deny them adequate medicine at an affordable price because the bottom line matters more. 

Would we cease raping and murdering women and children with impunity; caring litt…

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