Symbolic sight is the ability to discern the deeper significance of both extraordinary and mundane events and to contextualise and interpret meaning over and above the monochrome explanations of a one-dimensional world view.

The Global Mirror
The symbols presented by events in the world and in our personal lives provide us with critical information. 

Whilst accepted wisdom say study the microcosmic to understand the macrocosm, we are mainly oblivious of the deeper truths in our world, and cannot see what is going on in our own bodies; the state of the planet is our mirror.

It is said that whatever steps we take to 'fix' a problem, unless we understand that all external manifestation has an inner causation, we are unlikely to heal or stop a recurrence of that problem.

The ancient alchemists envisioned the human being as a miniature replica of the universe. Just as the planets in the galaxy correspond to the metals in the earth – sun to gold, moon to silver, Mercury to quicksilver, Mars to iron, so whatever is held within the human psyche has its metaphor in the external world, and knowledge of our selves is conveyed by our environment.

Quantum theory identifies an aspect of the cosmos as harbinger and imprinter of all wavelengths and frequencies, a kind of shadow of the universe, a mirror image and record of everything that ever was for all time.[1]

Our physical symptoms have emotional, psychological, genetic as well as environmental roots, all of which will eventually be symbolically mirrored by the planet.  If you wish to understand what is happening within the human body, take a look at its reflection in the external world. Today, many more scientists and physicians as well as proponents of ‘energy medicine’ are relating levels of pollution and the deterioration of the environment to various diseases of the body.

Mother Nature protects and bestows health and wellbeing; she is the harvest and the warm hearth. But when we abuse our own bodies and degrade the global life support system, Mother Nature seems to generate symbols in the environment that mimic symptoms in the human body.

As a proponent of ‘energy medicine’ Caroline Myss suggests that “Kaposi’s sarcoma, the cancerous skin lesions that form in many AIDS patients is symbolic of the destruction of the earth’s natural surface…which is now as fragile as the immune system in a very ill patient”. She goes on to suggest that "the lung disease pneumocystis carinii pneumonia may be symbolic of the destruction of the rain forests, from which the earth draws the greatest proportion of its oxygen supply”. [2]

British Scientist, James Lovelock refers to the carbon dioxide 'fever’ of global warming, the acid 'indigestion’ of pollution and the ‘dermatologist dilemma’ or 'baldness' in the thinning of the ozone layer.  Myss, Lovelock and quantum theorists are affirming the legacy of those ancient alchemists, seekers after truth, that we should appreciate that all external manifestation is simply a reflection of an inner state.  Or, put another way, the personal is planetary.  

The universe is constantly sending messages - in chance symbols both in our immediate vacinity and globally - concerning what is emerging or about to emerge in our lives, if only we took note and could interpret these signals.  And mirrors do not lie; they help us to see ourselves as we are.

[1] Lynne McTaggart, The Field
[2] Myss, Caroline; Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing
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  1. Good stuff! I think we need to get off our high horse of control - its a ridiculous notion that we can control everything and everyone around us. Its like we put our fingers in our ears and go "lalala" and then fail to see that listening to ourselves and to the universe attentively will reveal how we need to live together in peace with each other and the earth!


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