Webs of Deceit

In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act (attributed to George Orwell)

There’s some dispute about whether the above quote can be attributed to George Orwell, but who cares. Whoever said it, it is true today. All sorts of people, in all spheres of life, including and especially scientists and professionals in the medical and other fields (even journalists) are being imprisoned, humiliated, shunned, vilified and otherwise gagged, in some way, and prevented from telling the truth.
Webs of Deceit

It has been suggested that the government knew from 2011 that contaminated horsemeat might be getting into the food chain. The scandal over the dodgy dossier that took us into the Iraq war caused a scientist to take his own life; and even that is disputed by his friends.

All politicians prevaricate and obsfuscate; nowadays it is called 'spin', lie by another name. They do this for all sorts of reasons but especially because power is very seductive and a corrupting thing. Remaining in power at all cost is the order of the day, even if you might be dying from cancer.

In the last few weeks and months in the UK, it has come into the open that the National Health Service gagged staff who knew about the level of abuse suffered by patients; and that some deaths in hospitals were not from natural causes. Whistleblowers were harshly treated and threatened, until one man decided that enough was enough, and lost his fear.

After five years of struggle with a critical illness, I know that the National Health Service (NHS) cannot heal; that is not it's fault. Most 'care workers' and medical professionals, from nurse to consultant must suffer from some form of post traumatic stress themselves. So, the NHS is doing the best that it knows how; it can only assist you to ‘manage symptoms’. After a while there is only one thing it can say: there is nothing more we can do for you. And we al know the subtext attached to that one.

In spite of a claim to 'put patients at the heart of decisions that doctors make about their healthcare': "No Decision About Me Without Me", I know that the health service is deeply entwined with the pharmaceutical industry, and cannot therefore function in my best interest. Nevertheless I remain engaged with a matrix of collective thought that promotes extensive use of allopathic drugs with severe side effects, including the unnecessary use of anti-psychotic medication. I continue to periodically ‘sign in’ with my GP (family doctor) just so that she does not ‘de-register’ me as a patient, as previously threatened. Why would I do that? I do that because part of me still lives in the illusion.

But we all lie don't we? We are economical with the truth, whether in lying to ourselves, or in order to shield those we love; or so we think. But after years of working as a therapist, I know that is not true. Lies corrode the soul. In time the truth will have to come out because the truth sets us free.


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