Gloriously Bonkers Day

So here I am totally laid back and rested after 10 days tramping on the high fells, splashing in private coves, hobnobbing with horse whisperers and winning pub quizzes in a gloriously untrammelled part of Southern England – oh and there were the ground hog days at ASDA’s in Newton Abbot – had to be a fly in the ointment.

Back in London I find myself ensconced in the gloriously creative madcap house that is jasminestreetlab I have volunteered to be head cook and bottle washer on the occasion of a 4~day visit by the artistic community Teatr Arka from Wroclaw Poland to Barking and Dagenham, following their very successful appearance at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

We are exiting the roundabout at a right angle approach to the petrol station when an impatient driver decides that this was the precise moment to move from his standing still position on the roundabout, causing us to brake hard to avoid hitting him. The abrupt stop causes the red Volkswagen behind to hit us full on, with poor Anoula in the back getting the worse of it. She is visibly distressed. We wait for a taxi and the hungry Arka players wait for their food and to get into their rooms.

At last we arrive, only to find that I have left two huge pots of rice on the cooker 40 minutes away; and there are three vegetarians not catered. Oh my days; but leave it to the indomitable Animateur of Jasmine Street to simply sail through the chaos.

I wonder what is waiting for me today; but I am looking forward to it with expectations of laughter and enjoyment as I resume my duties of head cook and bottle washer.

If you fancy seeing Teatr Arka’s The Ball at Stephen Hawking’s, played to the Edinburgh Fringe, then you have until Saturday 17 August to head to The Performance Studio at the Icehouse Quarter, Arc Theatre, 1st Floor, the Malthouse, 62~76 Abbey Road, Barking IG11 7BT. Performance at 7.30 p.m; price £13.50. At this stage ring 020 8594 1095 for availability, or take your chance and turn up at the door.


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