On the Terraces

I have not written a blog for many, many weeks because I have been totally immersed in storytelling and living in the imaginal realm. Have been having the most amazing conversations with my friend Jazz about it all. Can the imaginal manifest in the physical world? Yes, it can and does. Much to say, but not today.

            Today, I am going to Wimbledon – travelling in imaginal space – to cheer on Andy Murray.  If I could find a bookie open today, I would definitely take a punt on Andy. Now is his time.  There is just too much synchronicity in the air for it not to be.

  • It is 77 years since Fred Perry, a British tennis champion won the men's singles at Wimbledon.
  • In 1977, in Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee year, Virginia Wade became the first British winner of the Women's Wimbledon Tennis Championships; and yes, along with the whole street, I did table covered in a union jack thing.
  • Now in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year, surely Andy can do it.
Whatever, I am rooting for you Andy, so is the whole country – except the couple of moaning nationalists who go on about your Scottish-ness. But hey who cares, I’m sure you don’t. Just do it.

         Staying in the imaginal world, I am also going to my friend Jazzi’s celebration of the birth of new life
out there on the terraces overlooking the river.


          I have to stay within the confines of my home today - good thing it’s air-conditioned: late Victorian houses made of brick are a gift from the gods during a time of global warming (had to get that in). But I am looking forward to being on the terraces in a few hours – at Jazzi’s party and at Wimbledon both at one and the same time – with my glass of Pimms. One can do that in the imaginal realm.  

Here's to a lazy, hazy Sunday... 


  1. Oh yea ... 1966 and now 2013

    Nothing to report on any British news channels!!!

    Even the ghost of William Wallace is partying!
    Well Done Andrew Murray!


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