Donald: In the Shadow of the Deal

Here we are then, today’s the day: an inauguration, a new President.

I have an avid and longstanding interest in American politics a) because I have many friends there and a goddaughter who is just beginning to make her mark on the world; and b) because much of what happens in the USA eventually wing its way across the pond: the good, the bad and the ugly.  

horrendous black Friday weekend
The young ones here love their School Prom, and our very British Guy Fawkes night has turned into an Americanised Trick or Treating street party; then there is the truly awful Black Friday. 

With a Conservative government here, I expect much of Trump’s ‘ugly’ to wing its way over here in the next 4 years.

That much vaunted (on this side only though) Special Relationship is well and truly entrenched.

It is expected that the Don will restore Winston’s bust to its rightful place in the Oval Office. But I hope he will also find a place for Martin’s which replaced Winston during the Obama era. I doubt it though.

I imagine that as a Little Soul[1] the Don told God that he wanted to grow by personally experiencing both extreme loathing bordering on hatred and undiluted adulation bordering on love at the very same time. 

Well, God said, in that case Donald you had better become President of the United States of America. You can be next in line after Barack.

But what about Hillary asked Donald, I will never be able to beat her.  She has Bill and Hollywood. 

Oh she has much more than that Donald, replied God, trust me. But with me all things are possible, especially your growth. Leave it to me. Just prepare for Office.

Are you sure about this Donald, continued God.  Are you really, really sure? 

I am not aware that you have in any way prepared for this. I must remind you Donald to be careful what you ask for because you will get it. Said God.

All I want Donald replied is to build a wall; after all I made my billions in the business.  I also want to cut taxes, get rid of illegals, ban Muslims, create millions of jobs for my brethren in the Rust Belt, and a few other equally minor things. What could be simpler? 

Abroad during betwitching hours
 I see, said God.

Well I have Ivanka and Jared explained the Don. They will be doing a kind of job share with me because I have a short attention span and am easily bored.   

I have no interest in that strategic thing, that’s why I have my Generals.  I rely on my pet Sqawk to reach my peops.  I just want to experience Love, and Hate as well, both at the very same time.

Well, it’s your call Donald said God, on your head be it.

A Hispanic male who apparently journeyed from rabid communist to Republican made a salient point on one of those dreary ‘Trump’s America’ programmes rolled out daily by the British TV networks: right now, said Hispanic male, my man Trump has a blank ‘check’ until he does not deliver. 

How will Europe and in particular my side of the very ‘special relationship’ respond to an attack on a set of values that has defined its existence for generations?  A set of values espoused by America itself, the geo-political force that led the Western world and set the global economic agenda after the 2nd World War. 

I suspect Britannia’s response will go no further than an inward groan. And America’s Dear Leader will be invited to Buck House soon after the May Queen’s visit to the Oval Office in a few weeks. 

And so it begins.

[1]Little Soul and the Sun, a parable for children adapted from Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch


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