The Day the Feminine Roared

I cannot properly begin my day without paying respect to and acknowledging The Day the Feminine Roared. At one point I was overwhelmed with emotion as pictures of women around the world, including friends and loved ones, began to emerge – a bright and magnificent glow in the darkness – a beacon lighting the way for the whole of humanity.

Courtesy New York Times [see 1 below]

The Day Before...

Looking every inch a punch-drunk boxer in the ring, Donjon the bruiser came out of his corner literally slugging his way through a completely outrageous inaugural speech. 

Far from conciliatory and gracious words, he took out his double-barrelled shot-gun and fired at point blank range. But anyone who expected ‘conciliatory and gracious’ had learned nothing about Donjon in the last year. I understand his new moniker is Rumplethinskin. 

He proceeded to trash and chastise the four previous Presidents who had graciously attended to show respect for the age old tradition of witnessing a peaceful transition of power in an established democracy. There was a barely veiled attack on Obama policies followed by the hacking of his Affordable Healthcare Act immediately formal proceedings were over, his very first act in the Oval Office. 

He blasted the entire Washington establishment, including his own Party for extravagance and wastefulness. Donjon then turned his attention to the rest of the world in effect telling the rest of us to bog off, we were an unnecessary appendage in his global plan; America was sufficient unto itself. 

Donjon’s homeland was portrayed as a basket case, sliding off a cliff: drugs, poverty, decaying infrastructure and on it went.

Many declined to watch, others said they felt distinctly ill afterwards and wished they had not watched. In the end I decided not to turn my back entirely but to witness as much of the carnage as I could bear. 

 Tomorrow was another day, and it was.  The fight-back had begun.

channelling universal suffrage

#Women of Barcelona

The sun rose and shone on hundreds of thousands of women – but the feminine was not standing alone; she was unflinchingly supported by the masculine. 

#Women of Antartica

And a very special shout out to my besties on Boston Common, Massachussetts

From around the world every aspect of society came out to show Trump his ‘better angels’. 

Now for Action.




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