Water Element and the Arteries

At least 70% of Planet Earth is covered by the waters of its oceans. As mirror image, the human body is at least 70 per cent water, most of it lymphatic fluid, sometimes called ‘white blood’.

Through the lymph, which needs to remain relatively uncontaminated, a ceaseless interchange goes on between the body’s trillions of cells, so that food and oxygen are exchanged and waste products eliminated.  Any major malfunctioning of the lymphatic system means certain death.

Over two-thirds of the Earth’s fresh water is found within the Amazon basin. The remainder is stored in the polar ice-caps, glaciers and underground structures and in mountainous regions which feed our rivers, the reservoirs which in turn provide human beings with this life giving substance.

Just as the human body’s arterial pathways need to be kept clear and free-flowing for good health, so rivers and oceans as part of the circulatory system of the earth should also remain unpolluted.

When rivers burst their banks and flood towns and cities, our residential environment is polluted by the toxic waste and raw sewage we have dumped into rivers and oceans, our own well-springs of life, bringing decay, death and disease.[1]

     Can you imagine having to buy highly priced drinking water, a substance originally provided freely for our use, because ice-caps and glaciers have melted and fresh water in underground structure and rivers have become polluted? Clean water has already become a commodity, not easily available to those who cannot afford to access it. 

We may imagine the Life Force or chi, as the water element flowing as five great rivers – the Mississippi, Danube, Ganges, Euphrates and the Nile. They are all indistinguishable except that they are located within a specific historical, geographical and cultural context.

Each river carries the outpouring or level of consciousness of the various tribes that have camped on their banks over centuries, and acquire the characteristics of a people in a given place at a given time.

A river may remain free-flowing, clear and life-giving or may be dammed and diverted, become polluted, stagnant and silted in part, thus unable to fulfill its ultimate purpose, that of giving life on its journey back to its source.

At our current level of consciousness we do not really appreciate the full impact on our health of polluting and diverting the flow of our very life force.

To be continued...

[1] Heart and circulatory diseases are among the top three most prevalent causes of premature death in the Western world. The European Heart Network indicates that cardiovascular diseases cause 47% of all deaths in Europe and 40% in the European Union.


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