When an Immoveable Object meets an Irresistible Force

What is self healing? The answer is whatever works for you. And it’s highly unlikely to work for anyone else because one's genetic inheritance is unique. I know what makes my body respond and react in a certain ways, and all I can do is to trust my own experience.

     In the middle of 2008 the explosive results of a 24-hour blood pressure diagnostic test was the most serious indicator that I was on the point of some major health catastrophe. After that I began to focus my attention on supporting the fighting force within my own body for a ferocious battle for my health. Fasting and meditation has been two major weapons in that fight.

     An image projected by the right brain in meditative silence as well as messages in dreams had long since told me what was going on in my body: my entire central nervous system – diagrammatically depicted as a tree – was inflamed; dangerously ‘morbid’ blood pressure readings was simply an outward symptom.

     After a while the ‘stuff’ that clogged and narrowed my arteries – the component parts of atherosclerosis – which had brought my heart to bursting point, began to make its way out. It was terrifying. What looked like a glutinous substance, which hardened on exposure to the air, eventually began to push its way out of my body via my fingers, palms of my hand and the soles of my feet. It was beyond extreme, but then this entire journey has been predicated on my ability to endure extreme conditions and simply accept that my body’s knowledge about its healing process was far superior to mine and that of medical science.

Dried glutenous substance

My GP said it was inflammation and prescribed a steroid cream, exactly what I expected. I nodded and smiled; I knew it would turn my entire system upside down and cause extreme distress. The cream itself contained liquid paraffin and citric acid plus a number of other unpronounceable ingredients. It is supposed to reduce and help to relieve the symptoms of inflammatory skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Afflicted fingers and hands
 The accompanying leaflet touched briefly on ‘possible side effects’. What it did not say was that the contents of the preparation will be absorbed into the system and can have side-effects that affect parts of the body other than the skin. If it is used for a long time, these side-effects are more likely to occur, including the worsening of the problem that it is being used to treat!

Needless to say, I would not be subjecting my body to that. Long ago I had discovered that fasting allowed my body to off load what was “not me”, at a faster pace than usual. My only problem was summoning up the discipline to enable the release.

Additionally the monks taught that, if you had ears to hear and the wit to understand what was actually being said, in sustained meditative silence the body’s cellular memories held in the deep unconscious float to the surface as pain and symptoms. You were invited to observe them without aversion or craving, thus allowing release. I still have some way to go; fasting in meditative silence is still the order of the day. The "stuff" took decades to colonise my body; it will take a good while to disperse, but I’m on it however long it takes. If my spirit is the irresistible force, then there cannot be an immoveable object.


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