On a Healing Mission

It’s been a bright sunny day but there's a biting wind down here in the valley - a very wintry Spring which suits me just fine, keeps my personal global warming at manageable levels.

It’s also Fool’s day, an appropriate time to begin observing the society within – my own personal medical team, about to begin the attack on the remnants of the pathogen that built up and began to attack my body all those years ago.

Approximately five years ago, I put myself through a home-based crash course in anatomy and physiology. I was determined to avoid allopathic drugs at all costs and to gain a better understanding of how my body worked in order to get some insights into what the heck was causing my blood pressure to behave in an overtly psychotic manner, something which even my doctor said she had never encountered in all her medical experience.

I acquainted myself with the structure of the human body, and delved into the workings of its major functional systems, particularly digestive, circulatory, and nervous systems. In the past there was never any reason to pay attention to my physiology and anatomy; suddenly it was vital knowledge for the process of healing. 

I became fascinated with the endocrine systems, the body’s stress absorber, and the network of glands that produce hormonal substances. This aspect of our physiology, together with the immune system, is the major channel of communication with the central nervous system.  As significant parts of the body-mind axis, they regulate the internal environment and keep the body working at optimal capacity.

The whole organisational matrix simply goes haywire when there is a break down in communication along the body-mind axis; the collateral damage that ensues often means death. But generally the CIA, MI6, and Mossad cannot hope to compete with the ‘safeguarding’ skills and ‘homeland’ security prowess of the endocrine and immune systems.  As I thought about and understood what went on in my body in those terms, I became an agent armed with a laser gun - my own mind - which should actually be as seen a tool at our disposal, lethal if necessary.

Over these next ten days, my mind and I are going on a mission. I have not yet jumped out of the plane behind enemy lines; that will come on day three!

Can you imagine if I spoke to my doctor in those terms, she would definitely consider having me certified, I would.


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