Exposing a Silent Killer

Here I am still holding the integrity of my fast on day five of the next stage in a healing mission. It has been remarkably unchallenging so far, I reckon because in blogging about it, I am tapping into the collective’s support. It’s like having my own personal twelve steps programme:

Hello, my name is Amari and I am self-healing; it is four days since I last eat food. I am fasting because in the absence of taking allopathic drugs to manage symptoms, I need to awaken my own body’s inner healer.  

At a very basic level fasting not only enables the body to release toxins it has accumulated over time, but also supports it to rejuvenate and rebalance. A prolonged fast literally redesigns the physiological furniture. After about the third day of a fast, through a process known as autolysis - self destruction of tissues - the body begins to digest and eliminate diseased, damaged, aged or dead cells. Unless we push it to the edge, like the earth the human body is a self-maintaining, self-sustaining entity

At the very beginning of my healing regime, my habitual 24-hour fast each week to give my body time to rest and recuperate changed dramatically. Given the symptomatic presentation of the arsenal of the silent killer disease which had invaded my body, fasting turned out to be an important tool in defeating it.

Following the discovery of the volatile and explosive nature of the blood my heart was fighting to pump through my body, on two occasions I instigated a 20-day juice and water fast to calm it down. This was a relatively comfortable thing to do, much to my surprise.
The resulting weight loss revealed the full arsenal of the silent killer stalking me, which was the purpose of the fast; even if all I knew at the time was that I needed to follow an inner prompt.

It was only then that my doctor was able to better understand the reason for my erratic and explosive blood pressure reading, and was able to diagnose that the level of atherosclerosis in my body had reached a chronic state, highly likely to result in a massive heart attack and/or stroke. I already knew that. At least a year before I had experienced a severe shooting pain coursing up my left arm. My doctor impressed upon me the importance of calling the emergency services if I began to have double vision and saw flashing lights.

I was unable to tell her I had it all under control. By then my dreams and the body itself had already revealed exactly what was going on, and what I had to do. And I trusted that more than I did the cure offered by medical science. Indeed what was being offered was little more than a temporary cessation of hostilities. But there was no way I was going to have that conversation with my medical practitioner; she was bound to call the men in white coats.

The UK’s National Health Service (Atherosclerosis - NHS Choices) indicates that the disease is the single biggest cause of death in the developed world, accounting for one in three of all deaths. Treatment for the condition comprise of lifestyle changes, medication and invasive surgery. This would be my approach too; but not via a medical model. My inner healer is a Master Physician. To tell the truth, I have enjoyed taking on the silent killer and unleashing my own team of agents, but they are agonists, not antagonists.


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